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Q10443 - HOWTO: Install Billet Products Short Throw Shifter


Billet Products Pro Shifter Series Install





$375 USD + $10 Parts (Locktite / RTV)


2 hours



Kit Contents:

Qty 1 - Short Shifter base assembly with 2 dust boots

Qty 1 - Adjustable handle (non- threaded)

Qty 2 - 5mm Hex Screws (Grade 10.9)

Qty 4 - 6mm Hex Bolts (Grade 12.9) - 4th bolt (not shown) pre-installed into shifter

Items Required:

Ramps or Car Jack with Jack Stands
Phillips # 2 screwdriver
Common Screwdriver

3/8 ratchet (Flex and straight)
3/8 ratchet extensions
3/8 drive universal joint

16mm socket
13mm deep socket
10mm socket
13mm ratcheting wrench
T25 Torx bit driver
5mm allen head socket
6mm allen head socket
6mm hex key
2.5mm Hex key
Sealant/RTV (gasket maker)
Black Silicone Adhesive or Skilaflex (shifter knob)

Blue or Red Locktite

Part 1:  Disassembly

1.  Drive the car up on ramps.  If you need more clearance raise the car with a jack and use jackstands for safety.

2.  Use a No. 2 Phillips Head Screwdrive to remove the screw underneath the headunit.

3.  With your fingertips pull plastic center console trim from the back and move forward.

4.  Work forward and upward.  You will hear clips snapping while you're pulling up on the trim.

5.  Remove power windows and traction control connectors by pressing the tabs and pulling the connector downward.

6.  Pull trim piece back and up making sure you clear the two lips up front represented by the arrows.

7.  Lift up on leather boot

8.  Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the clips away from the metal handle while pulling the shifter knob with all your force since the knob is also RTV'd on the shaft from the factory.

9.  Remove the foam piece.

10.  Use a 10mm socket and ratchet to remove the indicated bolts.

11.  Remove the two bolts as seen above.

12.  Use pliers to remove the two harness clips along the base of the dust boot.

13.  Use a jack to support the transmission.  We'll be lowering the transmission a few inches.

14.  Transmission supported as seen above.  Make a scribe mark on each side of the bracket to ensure proper alignment when the transmission is bolted back up.

15.  Use a 16mm socket and ratchet to remove the 4 transmission brace bolts. 
16.  Use the jack supporting the transmission to lower it 2-3 inches.

17.  Use a combination of ratchet extensions, Universal Joints, and wrenches to remove the four 13mm shiney nuts that secure the dust boot down to the chassis.

18.  Top view of the nuts location.  Once the nuts are removed, pull the dust cover off the shifter.

19.  Remove black dust cover (not used on Billet Products Shifter)

20.  Use a T-25 Torx Driver to remove four screws that hold the hard plastic dust cover.  (not used on Billet Products Shifter)

21.  With a 6mm allen wrench and allen head socket remove and discard the four bolts that secure the shifter base to the transmission.

22.  To reach the back allen bolts use an L-shape allen as pictured above or a flex head ratchet with a 6mm allen head socket.  *Note:  If the transmission is lowered enough a flex head ratchet will fit.

23.  Pull stock shifter out.

Part 2:  Prep for install

24.  Clean mating surface with a rag or fine steel wool to ensure there is no debris left.

25.  Apply a thin bead of RTV Silicone Gasket Maker.

These can be purchased from your local car parts store.

Part 3:  Install

26.  Lay the Billet Pro Shifter directly in line with the holes it needs to be screwed into.  Do not move the shifter around much as you don't want to smear all the RTV around.

27.  Apply blue or red locktite to the four 12.9 Grade hex bolts pictured above.

28.  Use a flex head ratchet with a 6mm allen head socket to tighten all four bolts equally.  *Note:  This procedure can also be used in step 22 to remove the front stock bolts.

29.  Use a longer 6mm allen to reach the hard to get to bolt as pictured above.

30.  Jack the transmission back up and install the four 16mm bracket bolts.  Tighten to 58 N·m (43 lb ft).

Part 4:  Setup

31.  Using a 2.5mm allen loosen up front bracket screws.

32.  Using a 2.5mm allen loosen up rear bracket screws.

33.  Crank up the motor.  With the clutch in engage 3rd gear and adjust bracket till its up against the shaft.

34.  Tighten 2.5mm allen screws (blue locktite recommended on screws)

35.  With clutch in, engage 4th gear and adjust bracket till its up against the shaft.

36.  Tighten 2.5mm allen screws (blue locktite recommended on screws)

37.  Place the two dust covers over the shifter.

38.  Install the shifter handle to your desired height.  Apply locktite to the supplied 10.9 Grade Hex screws and tighten to shifter assembly with a 5mm Allen Hex socket.

39.  Install rubber dust cover along with bracket and tighten the 13mm shiney bolts underneath.  Drop the transmission a few inches again in needed, however this is not required.

Part 5:  Completion

40.  Install foam piece

41.  Apply a decent amount of Silicone Adhesive (picture below) or Skilaflex on the shifter handle and install the knob in place.  If you apply too much Adhesive the knob will not lock into place.  This procedure will prevent most of the noise emmited from the transmission to the knob.  Do Not use RTV for this step.

42.  Install all trim pieces back in place

43.  Connect traction control and power window connectors.

44.  Drive vehicle off ramps or lower the vehicle to the ground.

45.  Test drive the car to ensure proper operation of all gears.

You may find it hard to engage gears during the initial use of this shifter due to the high quality dual springs it uses.  (This is normal)  The springs will loosen up within a 100 miles of driving. 

I would like to thank speeddemon from for providing me with a couple of pics that I missed during the install.

Click the link below for a video review of this shifter.

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These guys know what their doin.....a big thanks from a future buyer!!! Approved: 5/20/2007
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