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Home : Reduce LS2 Heatsoak - LS2 IAT Relocate
Q10279 - HOWTO: Reduce LS2 Heatsoak - LS2 IAT Relocate

IAT Relocate

PARTS:                 Caspers MAF/IAT Breakout  
                      98 Camaro IAT Sensor 
                      Omega Precision Thermistor
                      Rubber Grommet

TIME:                      10-20 mins

DIFFICULTY:         Beginner

PARTS LINKS:    MAF/IAT Breakout GT Dense Harness
                           Omega Precision Thermistor 44005
                           IAT Sensor - Local Advance Auto Parts



Use needle nose pliers and pull the pins from the inside of the housing. May take some force, but they'll come out. At first I figured the whole thing was molded, but they came out with some good pulling force.

Cut old Thermistor with small dykes and Soldered new Omega Thermistor on the leads.

Put Thermistor and pins back into the Sensor housing.

This is not needed, I figured some of the plastic around the thermistor may be warm, and it could skew the readings.

Closeup of Omega Thermistor inside the sensor housing.


All the required parts.
Relocation Harness and IAT Sensor

Time to pop the hood.  This is a simple plug and play install now.

Remove the greay clip and pull the plug out of the MAF

Plug this connector into the Casper MAF/IAT Breakout Harness

All Connected

Locate the IAT sensor in a good location. I still need to go out get a grommet and put the sensor in the Filter.


Since the car was sitting in the garage for a while and the motor was cool, I didn't think the data would be accurate/correct if I started taking readings then, so I went for a 10 min drive... till the motor got warm then started taking logs.

First log: MAF/IAT Stock

Highest temp 129 deg
Lowest temp 108 deg

Second log: Relocated IAT

Highest temp 99 deg
lowest temp 79 deg

Local temps 15 mins after logs were taken.

In conclusion this mod works great. Intake temp readings are around 25 degrees lower than the stock readings. Not quit sure if the Omega sensor is needed, but what the hell it was just another $15. The rate of temp changes were a lot faster than stock. I noticed that it took about 3 secs for the temps to drop from 99 to 81 with the Omega. If you had the stock Thermistor it would probably take a few more seconds.

If you're interested in looking at the HP Tuner logs for these runs download them below.  You can see the difference in the rate of change in the temps between stock and modded.

Stock MAF/IAT Log File

Relocated IAT (Omega) Log File

LS1GTO thread on this subject

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I was trying to make a bypass cable. Im glad I found this article!! Approved: 11/30/2006
Good info, But you could show where to mount the iat sensor. Approved: 10/21/2006
Very good info,seems to reduce the effects of heat, lessens the need for custom tunes, on stock setup Approved: 10/15/2006
Good detail. Maybe just a little more information why this mod needs to be made would help. Approved: 10/12/2006
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