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Q10004 - HOWTO: Install Holden Phone Buttons

COST:                  $56.00 Holden Parts (Shipping included)
                            $5.00 LED's (Radioshack)
                            $5.00 Connectors (Radioshack)

TIME:                    4-8 Hours - Took me about 8 hours. 
Had to figure out a bunch of stuff along the way.

DIFFICULTY:         Intermediate


Parts you will need:

P/N:  92111637 - COVER, ACSRY SW
P/N:  92111641 - BEZEL, ACSRY SW
P/N:  92172330 - PHONE SWITCH X2 

All parts $57 AUD + $15 AUD Shipping = $72 AUD = $56.00 USD


Phone Switch Pins

Inside look of the switch.
Do not do this - You will go crazy trying to put this switch back together.

Rotate Counter-Clockwise and lift light bulb up.

Green Light Bulb Out

Pulled out the original 12V light bulb and replaced them with a green and red LED's
The LED's will require some modification.  You will need to file down the edges and the top in order to make it fit into the switch.
The reason I put LED's in is because they only require a 1.7Volt Forward Bias to lightup.
You can keep the original green bulbs, but you'll have to tap into a 12 Volt Acc line.

LED in switch
When buying LED's find the ones with the highest mcd (brightness) 800 mcd + should be good, and the highest angle view.  Also make sure that they do not exceed 2.1Volts

These are the LED's I used.  Not very bright but they did do the job.
I had originally used a dual lit LED where is the circuit was forward bias'ed it would light up GREEN and if it was reversed bias'ed it lit up RED.
The reason I tossed those LED's is because they weren't bright enough.

Light Bulb Housing

Original Bluetooth Control Panel Cable that came with the HCB-30
Contact 1 = BLUE

Inside the Bluetooth Control Panel

Pin 1 (Blue wire) & Pin 2 (Brown Wire) will not be used.

They are used for volume and mute control, but since the volume goes through the headunit, you can control it from there.

The colors I have for each wire are from the original kit. as seen in the above picture.  I decided to use a Cat 5 network cable which worked better due to a higher tickness in the wire.

When you swap cables you might want to make a list of what color wire is what.

All wired up.  Ready for a test run.

The hardest part is trying to figure out which way the LED leads should be in order for them to light up correctly.  Might take a few tries.

Instead of using these connectors, you might want to contact your local Pontiac parts dept. and get the actual plug and pins for the Traction Control for a cleaner install. 
T/C is the same kind of switch.

Ohm Check all connections.
A multimeter might help to make the job a lot easier.


Pull Up

Remove screw under compartment.
Remove rubber insert.
Pull Back and Up.

This is the location of the screw that needs to be removed for the step above.

Disconnect Traction Control
Disconnect Power Windows

A total of six tabs will have to pop out in order to remove the center console.

Remove Bezel Assembly

Picture of Center Console removed.

Center Console without Bezel Assembly.

The arrows point to some indents.
The reason for those indents is because GM wanted to key their buttons, so that they only fit one way.

Here is the button key.
You will have to file down or shave off that piece of plastic.

Phone Buttons Installed.
You might want to tape them up so there isn't  too much stress on the connections.

Phone Buttons & Switch Cover Installed.

New Bezel Assembly Installed.

Routed Cat 5 Network cable to Bluetooth Module.

Plug in Traction Control and Power Windows

Snap Center Console Back into place and
install screw under the radio.

Install two screws back in.

Finished Product


For Motorola Phones with Bluetooth Capability
Goto Settings, then to Connections, and press OK on BLUETOOTH.

Select Look for Devices

Click Yes, to Bond with HCB-30.

Enter Passkey of "0000"

Connection has been made

Keep the Call Holden Phone Button Pressed for 3 seconds and the phones Voice System should take over.

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